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In our frantic search for the best possible diet out there, bizarre diets normally take off and nutrition breakthroughs’ tend even to go viral, even so, these findings rarely change what we usually know about eating very healthy and leaves us even more disappointed.


Recently, dieticians and nutritionists alike have actually started betting or being able to count on companies offering personalised nutrition that is dietary advice supposedly based on our own genes or even the bacteria living in our guts


We are all unmatched regarding diet, and we do know that our genes and the bacterial populations usually have a very large impact on our health, so harnessing that information can actually give us a restricted guide to healthy eating.

Personalized Nutrition

What personalised nutrition is trying to tell us is that no two persons are the same meaning what works for another might not work for the next one.

Our metabolism is largely influenced by our gut bacteria, when we eat the carbohydrates from the food are broken down to simple sugars which are then absorbed by our intestine into the blood stream.

That is how our whole immune system and our health, in general, are triggered by what we eat. Those interactions between our gut flora and our immune system and overall health are very complicated and not yet fully understood by scientists.

The evidence that certain types of food or nutrients and the way they behave when they are broken down and absorbed by our system, are insignificantly little.

Dieticians current understanding of our gut flora suggests that the more diverse the bacteria, the better.

What we know with certainty is that a healthy lifestyle including a high-fiber that is plant-based diet is what is crucial for the diversity of the gut.

So here we are once again emphasising what we already knew, that vegetables are still the number one for our overall health. From our grannies telling us to eat our vegies to the latest discoveries in the nutritional field, vegetables are our best friends.


In our never-ending effort in pursuit or quest to get fit and healthy, there is a constant and nagging hope that we’ll find a hidden key, hidden product to become the best version of ourselves!

And the way to achieve this would be thanks to some trick or the piece of information, or product that ultimately makes it very easy to look and feel how we do want.

And that is exactly what we have and what we offer, our CSN products hold that magic solution that we’ve all been long waiting and hoping for.

Our products will not only make you say goodbye to that stubborn fat but will also keep your body free of toxins and be functioning optimally.

If you decide to use our products, you should be aware that the stress levels that your body was putting up with while you were dieting, will drastically go down.

Meaning, by usage of our products, your body is going to start healing and getting rid of all the stagnant waste, toxic chemicals, poorly digested food and other inflammations that you might have in your system.

On the other hand, the flood of what is essential for a healthy body, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which are obtained in our products will heal and repair tissues, organs, all the way to the cellular level, leaving you energised, clear headed and rejuvenated.

When you give your body a break and all the while supporting it with the right minerals and vitamins, you’d be surprised at how cooperative your own body is.

Not that you will only be losing pounds, but you will also see improvement in any conditions that you might have like congested sinuses, headaches, mental fogginess, constipation, allergies and many inconveniences that your body is giving you as a byproduct of its battle with the unhealthy regime you’ve been putting it through.

You’d be amazed once you see what your body is capable of once you start collaborating.

Having access to the internet, meaning having all the possible information at the reach of your hand, as much as it is helpful, it can also become messy.

Messy meaning you started reading about the benefits of the avocado and a couple of hours later you are in some dark corner on the net where they tell you avocados are bad and now you are more confused than ever. At that particular moment, we start to appreciate the different types of college degrees, in this case, the dietitian degree.

What do dieticians do?

That’s an easy one since the name says it, but let me definite it for you: the expert on diet and nutrition it’s called a dietitian, pretty simple, huh?

That’s the person you go to when you have some medical problem you want to be taken care of but you don’t feel like stuffing yourself with different kinds of medications.

If that is the case, a dietitian is your guide to a healthier you regardless if there is a medical condition to be taken care for or you just wanted to eat right.

If you are going to take the time and effort to diet, why not do yourself a favour and take it to the next level?

Losing weight is never an easy task, whether it’s just a couple of pounds or more than that. From counting calories to gauging your workouts, it can be stressful, not to mention the added stress of weighing yourself like a maniac.

There are not many ways you can lose weight without stress, and that’s why we take pride in our products, you’ll fill full with all the right nutrients, and the fat will keep shedding

Your life can actually be so much more than it is now.

Imagine having increased levels of energy, a better memory and starting each day feeling very positive and rested, ready to actually tackle whatever challenges may come all the while wearing those jeans that you bought years ago but could never really fit till now.


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