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Does a Psychiatrist help burn fat?


It is true to say that exercise and hat you eat plays a very important role in your health and weight loss.

Experts say that 20% is exercise and 80% is your diet, and if not following this, it can lead you to many challenges in your health and weight loss.

But, weight loss is just not about healthy eating, it is about your psychology, your emotions, and your beliefs. In this article, I will talk about how psychologist and psychology play an important role in weight loss, fat loss and health.

Psychology of weight loss.

You won’t believe it, but psychologist plays a very important role in weight loss.

A psychologist is a professional who studies the behaviour of the humans, studies them and evaluates them. Nowadays, so many of us are going through the same problem of weight loss and health issues. In the US so many are obese or overweight.

This plays a role I n your lifestyle as well. Are you eating right? What is making you eat fast food? It is all in the mind if you ask me.

A psychologist has discovered that human brain is such that it can crave for food such that it can lead you to eat too much junk but this is not going to last longer because psychologists play a role in helping you reduce your weight and fight the fat.

Psychologists say that eating is a behaviour. Psychologists come in and can help you determine why you eat the way you do. What is the reason for your eating habits?

Like I mentioned earlier, eating is a behaviour and psychologists can help you determine your habits and behaviour and help you improve them. By helping determine the factors and barriers, psychologist can help you with meaningful changes in your behaviour.

Psychologists also have it that, you eat the way you are brought up. Changing lifestyle can be hard, but change is inevitable.

So changing eating habits is the key. Most of us are brought up eating very greasy and fatty food, and as you eat your brain triggers it and craves for more when you don’t eat. To change these patterns it takes a lot, and psychologists can help you figure this out.

Another reason that psychologists have figures is a change in your life. Have you ever wondered that all of sudden you lose weight and in a few years you gain back? If yes, then here is the reason.

Your life is constantly changing with time. When you are struggling, you will see yourself losing some weight, and when success hits you, your weight rises.

Psychologists say that don’t take your success to your head and be relaxed, focus on your health because being obese and overweight is not healthy, it can also lead to death these days.



3 Primary reasons Psychology will help you figure out your weight problems


Stress is like a wakeup call in our lives. It will never leave you from the day you start schooling.

Stress for grades, studying, working, relationships, etc. psychology says that stress can make your cholesterol levels rise leading to increasing weight.

When in stress, our metabolism slows down for some people and can have an impact on your weight loss. Instead, seek psychologists help.

They will help you channel your stress into relaxation, breathing slowly, and bringing ease to lives and deal with stress with better health and stay fit.


This is another important role in weight loss and fat loss. It is somehow linked to stress in the sense that when you are happy there is no stress but when you have stressed there is no happiness.

And like said earlier stress reflects in your weight loss. Pleasure relaxes the mind and body says a psychologist.

When we converse with our friends or enjoy a walk in nature, we are being involved in healthy psychological behaviours which release the endorphins making us feel happy.

When we are happy, we tend to think about what we are happy. When we are happy from the inside, it reflects on the outside.


The foundation of our behaviour is our psychology about our things. Make healthy eating a behaviour. Eat less processed food, cook at home, cook healthy recipes, eat veggies, and drink more water of course.

Psychologists can help you change your behaviour to healthy eating, and you’re thinking too, you just have to believe and try.

Treatment psychologists use to add in the weight loss

Psychotherapy is a term used for what psychologist do.

Psychotherapy can help you change how you think and your behaviours, so it can shape you and bring out a better you. So how does this help in weight loss?


Well, psychotherapy has treatments that can help in weight loss:

· Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

· Interpersonal therapy

· Body-oriented therapy

· Cognitive reframing

· Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)

· Visualization


These are some treatments you can follow or have some behavioural medicine which will help in weight loss by identifying your habits and behaviours and Psychiatrist can help you fight that fat.

There are also Biological factors that affect psychologically in weight gain, like age.

When you are young, you could eat anything because your body needed everything but as you grow older you need to understand your body better and psychologist help in identifying this, what nutrition your body needs. Therefore, keep track of what you eat.

A psychiatrist can help in weight loss if you are going through something major like depression or disorders in eating.

So many young people get into depression, and when in depression your health is very poor, some may eat a lot, and some might even start, and your solution is to seek a psychologist help.


I would conclude by saying, love yourself because staying healthy is the most important part of your life. If you won’t be healthy, you will be sad, stressed out and this all aid in weight gain.

Therefore, follow psychologists and see what they have to say. Sometimes you need someone to talk to and take you on the right path of health and fitness. So be healthy, eat well and change is inevitable, change your habits for a better lifestyle.

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