5 Easy Steps to Understanding your weight loss Goal! [Calculation]

By now, you’ve probably read the glowing testimonials about the CSN diet. Hopefully, you are just as excited to make a commitment to losing weight the CSN way.

Before you begin on that journey though, you need to answer a very important question: Do you have a goal weight?

While it may seem trivial to put a number on where you want to be with your weight loss diet, one of the best techniques for making real progress is to clearly define what you want to accomplish on the journey. When it comes to a weight loss programs, you are most likely going to have the very general goal of weighing less than you do now by a set number.

For many, the average weight loss diet goal is typically between 5-10kg, which is by no means a bad place to start. However, if you want to ensure that you have many healthy years ahead of you that also allows you to keep excess weight off, you need to take a much more scientific approach. Every human being is unique in their health and wellness needs, and a person’s ideal weight is no less unique.

However, there are some guidelines and formulas to help you determine an ideal weight goal, as well as how long it should take on a CSN weight loss program. Let’s take a look at some ways the CSN diet can be an effective path to your goal weight when combined with some positive goal setting techniques.

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The CSN path to your weight loss Goal Weight


Weight loss tips: Calculating Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

To preface this section, it is important to state that the BMI is merely a guideline to help you determine where your weight should fall in an ideal world. Most BMI calculations do not take into account several factors that directly affect a person’s healthy body weight. Muscle mass, bone density, overall body composition, and racial/sexual differences are not factored into the formula for a BMI.

It should be used only as a rough guideline for determining where you should fall regarding average weight based on your height.

The actual calculations are very simple, and only require a basic calculator to complete. First, you need to collect some statistical data about yourself. Use a measuring tape to determine your height from the top of your head to the back of your heel. Having a friend or family member assist you with this can make it a little easier.

Next, you need to weigh yourself on an accurate scale.

Once you have your current weight, it is time to break out the old pocket calculator or just use your smartphone like most people. Here’s the mathematical way to calculate your BMI:

Your Weight in kg                   = BMI
(Your Height in meter)²

Let’s do an example together: a person stands 1.71 m tall and weighs 68 kg.
68 / (1.71)² = and the resulting BMI is 23.29

Ideal body weight is considered to be any BMI between 18.5 and 24.95. A BMI of 25-29 is considered overweight, and anything over 30+ falls under the category of obese.


Fortunately, a quick Google search will pull up a handy table of BMI numbers based on weight and height that have already been calculated for you. Provided you know your accurate height and weight, you can easily just look up your current BMI.

If you fall in the 25-30 or 30+ BMI range, all you have to do is look at what your ideal BMI is at between 24 and 19. The difference in kg between your current weight and your BMI ideal weight should be your long term weight loss goal for optimum personal health.


Setting Reasonable Weekly Weight Loss Goals

Once you know how much weight you have to lose in kg, it is time to start calculating a reasonable weight loss goal per week. Most dieticians recommend starting out with a goal of about a 0.5kg per week, since that is a very achievable goal for most people who are just beginning a weight loss program.

While that may seem like a low number if you are planning to lose over 10 kg, keep in mind that your body has to burn through 3500 calories per 0.5kg of fat. In a 7-day week, that means burning 500 calories per day through dietary changes and exercise.

Consistent effort over time may yield additional weight loss per week based on how disciplined a person is about what they eat and how hard they push themselves during their workout, but overall the expectation should be around 0.5kg of weight loss per week.


Taking The CSN Path to Your Weight Loss Goal

If the traditional methods of goal setting and then achieving your weight loss target sound like a very gruelling experience, don’t forget that the revolutionary Christo Strydom Nutrition weight loss program is designed to accelerate your body’s purging of excess weight and fat.

By supplementing your diet with the right nutrient content in addition to foods you eat every day. CSN promotes burning excess fat at a much faster rate than average. You may find that once you start on your 60-day journey with CSN that your weight begins to drop more rapidly than 0.5kg per week, and that you see faster results thanks to the unique research based formula of CSN health supplements.


Write Those Goals Down

Now that you have a number for where you want to be with your weight, it is time to put things in writing. Start by making a list of reasons that you want to get rid of your excess weight. It may be for your family, for your personal health, or because you have recently been diagnosed with chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension.

Next, put your weekly goal for weight loss down in writing, as well as your ultimate weight loss goal. Finally, you want to write down a promise to yourself that you will do your very best every day to keep progressing toward that goal.

Keep this paper with you, make copies of it, and post it where you can see it. It goes a long way to help you remember to stick with your program for the long haul.

Consistency is Key in any weight loss diet

Once you have a healthy body weight calculated, you are ready to start your CSN journey with the 10-day intensive detox. Many of the people who have found success with CSN have frequently stated they saw their weight drop the fastest within that 10-day stretch.

Being consistent in following the CSN program that is right for you and sticking to your prescribed diet is crucial to long term success and getting yourself down to that healthy body weight. Maintain that consistency for the whole 60 days of your program, and you can enjoy the numerous short term and long term benefits of weight loss.

Not only will your effort to stick with your program be rewarded with faster results, but you will also start to look and feel better with each passing day.


“In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actoins. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.” – Anthony Robbins


Bottom Line?

Overall, starting a new weight loss program like those offered by CSN is by having clearly defined goals in place from the first day. Take the time to calculate what you need to do to go the distance. Get it written down, and make a contract with yourself if need be that you will make consistency your watchword when it comes to your CSN plan.

Take your health supplements as instructed, stick to the foods that are approved for your program, and don’t wonder off from the guidelines. Remember that your program allows you to eat as much as you want of listed foods in your diet, and that you can snack as you need to provided you stick to the CSN recommended snack foods.

There is more freedom in this weight loss program than the majority of others, and you should make sure that you do not hesitate to enjoy that freedom as you work steadily towards your goal weight. With time, patience, and consistent effort towards a clear goal, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

Your CSN program is the roadmap that will take you where you want to go, and once you arrive at your destination you will reap the benefits of all the struggles along the way.

The time to start on the CSN path to your goal weight is now.

You can achieve your weight loss goal, and CSN will help you get there. Get in touch with one of our specialists, set a healthy weight goal, and start working towards the body and health you want today.

Want more help? Check out our page on Dieticians HERE!

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