CSN diet Weight Loss Products[Barleygreen]

Choose the right CSN diet Weight Loss Products [Barleygreen]

CSN diet Weight Loss Product Guide:

Weight loss programs typically involve a combination of the four following products in order to help you get started and keep you on the path to your weight loss goals.

CSN Soup Mix

This specially formulated vegetable-based soup is the core component to CSN weight loss. It comes in a dehydrated mix and tablet form, as well as a capsule form. This soup base consists of dehydrated tomatoes, onions, carrots, bell peppers, green beans, and celery. All vegetables in the soup mix are dehydrated within a day of harvesting in order retain their optimum level of nutrition.

CSN Barley Grass Nutrition

Rich in vitamins and minerals, Barley Grass also provides all nine essential amino acids, providing energy and mental focus, increased immune response, promotes healthy blood pressure, balances blood glucose, and reduces the incidence of chronic health conditions such as diabetes.

Most programs call for one CSN Barley Capsules container per month.

CSN AloeMag

A body cleanser in both drink and capsule form, AloeMag helps alleviate the symptoms and health issues associated with gout, arthritis, kidney stones, fibrosis, diabetes, PMT, insomnia, skin ailments, and migraines.

CSN Barley Green Powder

This supplement combines Wakama grass, barley grass, seaweed, and barley green to give your body the enzymes and vitamins it needs.

Rich in antioxidants, Green Powder also balances your body’s pH levels and reduces your overall white adipose fat, aiding fat loss while helping to prevent acne, cancer, diabetes, thyroid issues, and heart disease. Green Powder is similar the CSN Barley Grass product capsules, but contains iodine.

*NOTE: You do not need both Barley Grass Powder and Green Powder for the CSN weight loss program. The former is best for those with iodine allergies, and the latter perfectly acceptable for any and all who are attempting to drop weight.


How do I know what CSN diet Weight Loss Product package is right for me?

Like any health or diet plan, it really depends on your goals for weight loss. Are you attempting to shed just a few kilograms in order to maintain optimum health, or are you trying to drop a significant amount of weight over time? The answer to this dual question will largely determine what package to choose. Here are the most commonly selected options:

CSN 10 Day Detox/Starter Pack

If you are just looking to kick start a healthier lifestyle and are looking to lose 3-5kg, this starter pack is the choice for you. This pack includes the first ten days of the sixty-day plan, and is often referred to just as the CSN Detox. This plan is a good choice for those who are wary of diet plans and want to make sure this will be a good fit. Here’s what you need for this plan:

-1 x CSN Soup Tablets/Capsules
-1 x AloeMag Capsules
-1 x CSN Barley Grass / Green Powder (contains I)

CSN 10 Day Detox & One Month Package

This is the package for those who are looking to drop more significant amounts of weight. Goals for persons on this plan typically fall somewhere between 6kg to hundreds of kilogrammes. The all natural foods in this diet are largely just easily acquire vegetables, fruits, and meat for protein. Here’s what you need for this program

-3 x CSN Soup Tablets/Capsules
-1x AloeMag Capsules
-1x Barley Grass Product / Green Powder (contains I)

Should you have more specific dietary needs and are not sure what package is best, speak to us for immediate advice or alterations to your meal plan.

Make the right choice of Weight Loss Products!

Ultimately, your decision to get real results from your weight loss program is up to you. It is possible that CSN weight loss simply isn’t the best choice for you, and you need to seek results elsewhere.

However, the number people who have benefited from the unique offering of CSN continues to grow every month, and while it is easy to be sceptical of anything new, keep in mind that all commonly practised nutritional and exercise regimens were once considered radical and different as well. CSN will learn you How to lose weight fast!


How to lose weight fast the CSN diet Way?

Here’s the deal:

The only thing you stand to lose by trying CSN weight loss is those extra kilos.

Talk to a CSN nutrition coach today about whether or not a CSN weight loss program would be right for you.


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